How to sex a blowfly

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The specialized discipline related to this practice is known as forensic entomology. After 2 to 7 days in a prepupal stage, they form a puparium from their last larval stage skin. As vectors of many diseases, the importance of identifying the transmissible agents, the route and prevention are becoming increasingly important.

How to sex a blowfly

The secondary screwworm is found throughout the United States, the American tropics, and in southern Canada during summer months. Larvae have three stages of development called instars ; each stage is separated by a molting event.

How to sex a blowfly

How to sex a blowfly

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    Blowflies are poikilothermic, which is to say that the rate at which they grow and develop is highly dependent on temperature and species. Some feed on vegetation and others are obligatory parasites.

    When the maggots hatch, they begin feeding on the sheep and thus irritating it.


    Strike starts when blow-flies lay eggs in a wound or fecal material present on the sheep. Tiny maggots hatch from eggs in 6 to 48 hours.

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