I hate my girlfriends mom

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I understand you being upset with her mom. Her mother,s boyfriend is around the same age, early 60s, and goes to work full time.

I hate my girlfriends mom

I left and said everything was fine even though it wasn't, but called her shortly after to explain what I was feeling. Schwartz to people submitting questions. I stated that we get no privacy and I felt rushed and unwelcomed at her house.

I hate my girlfriends mom

I hate my girlfriends mom

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  1. Keeping toxic people around messes up the energy and I would take it as disrespect to the relationship as I feel you have done subconsciously.

    We are in a huge fight right now because of her sister and mother making rude comments and getting involved with our relationship.

    What can I do or say to get my girlfriend to listen to how I feel about the situation and how I feel that her family treats her, without her getting mad and walking out like she has been doing? She also came to realize that physical closeness wasn't the evil thing her parents made it out to be.

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