Ie feeds not updating

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While reading feed pages, pay attention to links. If a feed is available, the graphic button for feeds on the Internet Explorer toolbar changes from gray to orange.

Ie feeds not updating

Now you can create a new data file. Feeds that have been updated are marked with " New " beside their name.

Ie feeds not updating

Ie feeds not updating

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  1. If no feeds have been updated, press ESC to close the Favorites Center and return focus to the Web page you are on at the time. If you have previously subscribed to feeds, you can check them from any Web page.

    However, most feed pages use headings, so browsing the new items on the feed page by using the navigation quick key H for JAWS works very well. While reading feed pages, pay attention to links.

    After doing this, restart Outlook and check it can fetch new articles or not.

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