Infidelity causes

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For instance, the primary factors that delineate an open relationship from an infidelity are mutual agreement and honesty. A woman who feels more like a housekeeper, financial provider, or nanny than a wife or girlfriend is more vulnerable to finding an external situation that brings attention and appreciation for who she is rather than the functions she performs. If the non-cheater is unable to forgive the cheater for his or her actions, he or she may look for a revenge affair.

Infidelity causes

Some women have unrealistic expectations about what a long-term spouse or partner should offer them emotionally and in other ways. He is well known for his creative and informative writing. If you and your spouse are at risk of infidelity or you are trying to improve your relationship after an affair, contact a marriage counselor who can help you overcome this obstacle and move forward with your lives.

Infidelity causes

Infidelity causes

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  1. Make sure that when you do ask, you are ready for whatever the answers may be. If you have an active, healthy sex life and your partner still decides to cheat on you, there may be some underlying personal issues that he or she needs to address.

    This partner MUST acknowledge that it was their choice and their choice alone to have an affair, and that nothing, including a lack of sex or disconnection from their partner, justifies their betrayal. He has provided sexual addiction treatment training internationally for psychology professionals, addiction treatment centers, and the US military.

    Feeling Like The Relationship Is One Sided One of the biggest problems that couples face shortly before infidelity is the feeling of imbalance in the relationship.

    Couples also drift apart when they spend too much time away from each other and they no longer feel connected or attached as before and this is also a reason for infidelity.

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