Jacs chemistry article sex joke

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The related molecule is Vaginol, which also goes by the name Archangelicin. Unfortunately, although many of the intermediate structures have been made, none of the dogcollaranes have yet been synthesised. Thanks to Marc Kaminski of the University of Freiburg for suggesting this molecule, and to John Perkins for info about the name origin.

Jacs chemistry article sex joke

Anyway, since the conjugate base of fukinolic acid is fukinolate, it's probably about time we stopped! A sample of pyroxmangite, with white pieces of cummingtonite visible toward the lower left. I don't know much else about pubescine, but I bet it forms short, curly crystals

Jacs chemistry article sex joke

Jacs chemistry article sex joke

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  1. They help trigger the biochemical synthesis of neurotransmitters, which eventually leads to signalling, and gives us a sense of smell.

    It was named after the discovery locality at Khanneshin, Afghanistan. Snottites These are gelatinous, dripping microbial draperies "mucus stalactites" composed of elemental sulphur, iron oxide crusts, gypsum, and densely packed bacteria, and are found in caves.

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