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He pleaded guilty to one charge and not guilty to the other six. Ludlow's charges carried a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. He had no access to, or visibility, of banking," he said.

John gray accountant

He also pleaded guilty to a charge of false accounting whereby he concealed the true recipient of funds by creating a false document. Judge Bouchier settled on six and a half years imprisonment and then gave the former director a six months discount, given he had no former convictions, was previously of "good character'' and had co-operated with receivers.

John gray accountant

John gray accountant

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  1. While Ludlow said he had "acted with honest intent'', he argued former National Finance accountant John Gray had deliberately disguised payments in the company's accounts.

    Visit image gallery to purchase the image. Last November Gray was sentenced in the District Court at Auckland to 18 months in prison; he is on bail awaiting the outcome of his appeal.

    He also pleaded guilty to a charge of false accounting whereby he concealed the true recipient of funds by creating a false document.

    Green Party MP Denise Roche said the collapse of RCN had left a large number of community recyclers, who collected old televisions sets for processing, out of pocket. Despite this, Bouchier said Ludlow's actions had adversely impacted investors, many of whom were "retired and vulnerable''.

    SFO chief executive Adam Feeley said the sentence reflected the "seriousness and importance'' of the work his office had been doing. Ludlow represented himself again at sentencing in the Auckland District Court today, after a lawyer he had instructed only one week ago sought leave to withdraw from the case because he "was not up to speed''.

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