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A very few did go closer, to the broad stairs that led up to the Tower itself, to the intricately carved doors wide enough for a dozen people abreast. There was a saying: And if they knew her reason for being here, she might not survive to be taken up by the Tower guards and thrown into a cell.


And a good many people were shy when they went to the Tower. She had never seen the White Tower as hospitable, and right now it seemed nearly as awful as the Dark One''s prison at Shayol Ghul. The Light help me, acting like a fool girl.



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  1. The dress was a good disguise. Her dark hair was longer than when she was last in the Tower, though still not quite to her shoulders, and her dress, plain blue except for narrow bands of white Jaerecruz lace at neck and wrists, would have suited the daughter of a well-to-do farmer, wearing her feastday best to the Tower just like the other women approaching the wide stairs.

    She had no choice about what she was doing.

    Yet the White Tower could have been the smallest in Tar Valon, the fact that it was the heart of Aes Sedai power would still have overawed the island city. She was not really looking forward to climbing onto a horse again so soon, not after weeks in the saddle with never a day''s pause, but she longed to leave this place.

    Only those long in Tar Valon could avoid gaping like country folk who had never been off the farm.

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