Jordan investing in jails

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MJ, driven by his mother's family's economic sense, is again a true black power story, although it might upset some people to hear that. Because in a society built around economics, oft times the best way to counter and take a stand against a Donald Sterling is not by boycotting Clipper games or players placing inside-out warm-ups a center court.

Jordan investing in jails

For blacks in America today, there has to be more than one way to take a stand and make a point. His contribution to the race has been by providing power but not by voice. That's the only way they got ahead.

Jordan investing in jails

Jordan investing in jails

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    And no one is necessarily saying that Jordan is change but in "Jordan, Inc. Nobody, black or white, made any money in sharecropping.

    We need to be more than just loud and visibly present. LeBron James has often lent public support to political topics.

    Facebook links will be removed. ESPN "We can debate does Michael need to join in and speak out more or is it more important for him to navigate the corporate structure and create opportunities for other minorities through the power and influence he does have?

    That left 27 of the 30 teams without someone of color in at least one of their top executive positions, according to the racial and gender report card released by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

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