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Barrau-Dihigo casts doubt on this identification [66]. The Codex de Roda names "Garsea Enneconis et domna Assona…et domna " as the children of "Enneco cognomento Aresta", stating that the unnamed daughter married "Garsea Malo" [91]. The Libro de Regla of Leire Monastery, compiled in , records that "filius eius…Enneco Xemenones" ruled for 22 years after "Eximinus Enecones", adding that his wife was "Oneca regina" [55].

Juana diaz online

The manuscript of the Codex de Roda entitled "Versi domna Leodegundia regina" names "Leodegundiam Ordonii filiam" and indicates her position as Queen of Pamplona after her marriage [65]. There is no reference in this document to the donor as "Arista" but, assuming that the document is genuine, it appears to be the only entirely contemporaneous document which names the king who ruled in Navarre during the first half of the 9th century so it should presumably be accorded the corresponding degree of respect. This source is confused, and contradicted by numerous other primary sources in many of the details which it records.

Juana diaz online

Juana diaz online

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  1. Al-Udri records that "Amrus ibn Umar ibn Amrus" rebelled against "Musa ibn Galindo, amil de Huesca" whom he killed in the same city which he captured, in A.

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