Kensington gardens adelaide

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The neighbourhood of Kent Town has just received an unexpected accession to its population in the shape of a Chinese encampment comprising of some forty tents and a large body of immigrants. Historical information on the district is in the Register, 14 May , page 10a, Observer, 19 May , page 41a.

Kensington gardens adelaide

Breaking from the North Road at the Little Para, the whole party might have supposed they were about to scale the Alps, so precipitous is the track up the spur to the Bay of Biscay ground beyond. The original building was constructed of wood and this, with a subsequent addition of a second storey, contained all the machinery, excepting the steam engine.

Kensington gardens adelaide

Kensington gardens adelaide

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  1. Dr Kent practised in Walsall, Staffordshire, prior to emigrating and it was there that he brought Sir Edwin Smith into the world.

    A fire at the brewery is reported in the Observer, 8 March , page 7g.

    In a brick building was added to the complex and contained the engine room in which were a steam engine and boiler.

    Biographical information is in The Mail, 23 February , page 2f.

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