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If you plan to buy balens to help with gear, locking desirable stats before refining will help you custom pick stats to keep and which to roll the dice on. Gemming a mage properly is half the battle to winning.


I took stat groups that give health and or endurance both health , magic attack, magic and or physical defense, and possibly critical. This also applies to the health gems as well. Make sure to prioritize your magic attack gems, put 1 health into each trinket slot and 1 physical defense into each ring slot you do not have to how ever I find this easier to keep track of.



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  1. In the end it is up to you to decide if you want to go more tanky, more bursty, more sustained, each having their pros and cons but all very viable and very strong.

    Other times you may have to wait seconds before getting that 2rd rain of fire off in 3rd round, but the combo of 2 rain of fires in 3 rounds is devastating in pvp group fights.

    This would bring my health very low by the time they died and I did not have enough time to recover before I then too died. I have told everyone that asked me on the server, your core astrals should be attack and both defenses.

    Take a point here as an option however I would hold off till later on in the game.

    This is not the only way to build mages but in my opinion this seems to be the most viable as you go deeper into the game.

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