Labrador beach gold coast

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Concern over the swampy land that often flooded and increasing traffic on Brisbane Road led to lobbying government for larger premises. By there were 44 students enrolled. A local committee arranged for the land to be cleared and made suitable for the 17 original students.

Labrador beach gold coast

The land was surveyed and divided into 19 selections not long after its purchase. Smaller speciality shops are also located at the Coles centre.

Labrador beach gold coast

Labrador beach gold coast

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  1. Apartments have balconies with shutters so can make almost another room! The hotel had fifteen bedrooms and three sitting rooms, out houses and stables sufficient for regular use by Queensland coach service Cobb and Co.

    This is definitely a cheap and cheerful option.

    Remaining land was sold and apartments were built. Some rooms have airconditioning, some don't and some have kitchen facilities and laundry facilities, others don't but there is a communal Laundry in the complex.

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