Leisha hailey is dating

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Send us Feedback Get Help 1. So did Kate Moennig. McGillis herself remained in the closet until a few months after TLW wrapped up, coming out as a lesbian in May of

Leisha hailey is dating

This turned out to be wrong: Leisha Hailey was the only out lesbian in the main cast.

Leisha hailey is dating

Leisha hailey is dating

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  1. Her career has taken off since The L Word, and she also got married and then divorced.

    Lynch Pin Jenny and Shane search for a third roommate and choose Mark, a straight male very intrigued by the lesbian lifestyle, while Kit becomes attracted to a motivational self-help guru. Kit's purchase of The Planet is finalized.

    She went public about her relationship with her girlfriend in

    Leisha Hailey was the only out lesbian in the main cast. Lagrimas de Oro Tina moves out and considers her attraction to Helena.


    Also, possibly dated Evan Rachel Wood?

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