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He finds no overarching truth, no common ideological thread binding the antifederalists together, which leads him to call for the same state-centered micro-study for the other twelve founding states. It came to be called the "sacred code" of the branch of liberalism that rejected the French Revolution , and during the early nineteenth century it served as a model for liberal constitutions of several Mediterranean and Latin American nations.

Local flings

From a Spanish point of view, the Peninsular War was a war of independence against the French Empire and the king installed by Napoleon, his brother Joseph Bonaparte. It also brought in a certain measure of federalism through the back door, both on the peninsula and overseas: Spanish Nation map according to the Constitution of

Local flings

Local flings

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  1. In the Cortes of —, liberal deputies, who had the implicit support of the British who were protecting the city, were in the majority and representatives of the Church and nobility constituted a minority. The influence of the Constitution on the emerging states of Latin America was quite direct.

    Liberals wanted equality before the law, a centralized government, an efficient modern civil service, a reform of the tax system, the replacement of feudal privileges by freedom of contract , and the recognition of the property owner's right to use his property as he saw fit. The first provincial government created under the Constitution was in the province of Guadalajara con Molina.

    Its deputation first met in the village of Anguita in April , since the capital Guadalajara was the site of ongoing fighting. Repeal of traditional property restrictions gave liberals the freer economy they wanted.

    Within a matter of weeks, encouraged by conservatives and backed by the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, he abolished the constitution on 4 May and arrested many liberal leaders on 10 May, justifying his actions as the repudiation of an unlawful constitution made by a Cortes assembled in his absence and without his consent. In this groundbreaking historical work, Christopher Collier brings to the fore an interpretation virtually neglected since the mid-nineteenth century:

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