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Four people were arrested. While Victoria's state government is on an ambitious drive to boost its renewable energy supply from more than 10 per cent today to 40 per cent by , the sale of the plant provides reassurances about coal's role in the state's energy mix.

Loy yang

Four giant bucket-wheel excavators , called dredgers, operate 24 hours a day in the Loy Yang open cut mine , mostly feeding coal directly to the boilers via conveyor belt, 18 hours of reserve supply is held in a 70, tonnes 69, long tons coal bunker. Paul Harris The Loy Yang unit was reported in October to have "blown up", triggering the initial maintenance.

Loy yang

Loy yang

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  1. Excess saline waste from all Latrobe Valley generators is pumped to the Loy Yang Ash Pond for disposal via an ocean outfall.

    The sale of Loy Yang B met with muted response from the state government, as it "is not expected to have any implications for electricity supply in Victoria or the National Electricity Market," according to a statement from a spokesman for Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosio.

    The acquisition is part of the company's plan to expand its presence along the east coast.

    The power station burns brown coal from the adjacent Loy Yang mine.

    Four people were arrested.

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