Macedon ranges travel

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Built in maps that locate precisely where you are. Many springs are located in public parks, allowing visitors to freely sample and bottle the water. Keep an eye on this space Special offers are always coming your way when you keep your eye on our Special offers section in the App.

Macedon ranges travel

Hanging Rock's allure is partly its natural beauty, partly its mythic history. In the region's west are several former gold mining towns including Clunes, where a gold strike in triggered Victoria's prosperous gold rush era. The towering peaks of Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock are part of a 6 million year old dormant volcano.

Macedon ranges travel

Macedon ranges travel

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  1. Mt Macedon is an extinct volcano which rises to metres above sea-level, making it the highest peak of the Macedon Ranges. This is your personal map to the region!

    Within are old-fashioned rooms and a fine restaurant.


    The towering peaks of Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock are part of a 6 million year old dormant volcano.

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