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As empty as it was I was concerned when it took a seemingly long time for our order to come out but when it did Not much has changed, which is a compliment. So although I can sympathize when there are large parties, this was just utter chaos with a system that doesn't work.


I ended up getting a blueberry pie that was warm and not cold. He also told us to get the seared scallops appetizer special. When it came to the food, well I can't say anything good or bad about it because they didn't serve me.



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  1. Crispy and juicy but absolutely no seasonings at all 3 of us tasted it and all agreed.

    My son and I were neglected while others got their food at the bar. I'm so happy that you play 90s-present that keeps that 80s aesthetic alive.

    As long-time fans of the previous Baldwin locale, we knew what to expect. I am now living in Riverton, Wyoming, and am so amazed that I can listen once again to 'LIR, and all the so very happy memories are coming back to me.

    Saw the doc on Showtime this weekend and was just googling at work, and this website came up - I'm one of those kids that first heard I Will Follow on your air and

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