Mass shootings under obama

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There were only about 17 million Twitter users in , Obama's first year in office; by , there were million. At the rally, Clinton mentioned both Columbine and other shooting sites: His staff notified him about the attack at 5:

Mass shootings under obama

Without access to her gun, she could do little as the shooter shot her and killed both of her parents. Just as everything else in society was becoming politicized, mass shootings were as well.

Mass shootings under obama

Mass shootings under obama

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  1. Reaction to the latest shooting Trump gave a statement from the White House Diplomatic Room the morning after the Las Vegas shooting, which struck a somewhat different tone. In the case of the University of Texas shooting, though, precedent could not serve Johnson as a guide.

    Presidents and their staffs continually look to their predecessors to see how similar situations were handled. In October , a disturbed man crashed his car into a Luby's restaurant in Killeen, Texas, and began shooting.

    Obama spoke in Newtown at a vigil for the victims, expressing his frustration with the continuing scourge of mass shootings:

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