Mature feminization

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A cannulation tube is used to cannulate fish broodstock to check egg and sperm maturation. Estradiol has been found in higher levels in females and is believe to be the major sex steroid responsible for ovarian development. There were stocks in the tank start from July until December , obtained from the supplier in Penang and Langkawi.

Mature feminization

The bloods were collected from the afferent filamentary artery AFA in the gill filament by heparinized needles 21G into 1 ml plastic syringes and transferred into cryovials containing heparin Steroid estrogens in particular can be biologically active at very low concentrations in the low nanogram per liter range and are known to cause altered sex ratios Lange et al.

Mature feminization

Mature feminization

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  1. Hormonal manipulation to produce female populations of fish has been implemented with using direct method of feminization, which is introduces estrogens to! Three treatment groups were assigned randomly to the tanks three pieces per treatment.

    For every single of pellet was 30 mg of weight and the amount of ingredient were about 15 mg of E2 plus 15 mg of Cholesterol and with little drop of melted cocoa butter. There were stocks in the tank start from July until December , obtained from the supplier in Penang and Langkawi.

    In the first study, where most intersex fish were only mildly feminized, body length was the only factor correlated with reproductive success. Demong fish diseases laboratory.

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    There were stocks in the tank start from July until December , obtained from the supplier in Penang and Langkawi.

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