Meaning of bantering

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If that hypothetical child sounds right at home speaking what you believe to be a blistering comeback, you probably lack the art of banter and should accept defeat. Today, it is segregated by class, seized on by brands, picked over by psychologists, and deplored by cultural critics; it is dominant, hotly contested and only hazily understood. The underlying goal of all banter is to create the initial spark of attraction with her.

Meaning of bantering

This article will explain exactly why we start in banter with the hopes of making it clear that this is not an arbitrary choice, but the best way to get an interaction off on the right foot. It reminded them of spending time with their funniest friends. But it also flirted with something murkier.

Meaning of bantering

Meaning of bantering

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  1. Banter is also playful: Surprisingly, UrbanDictionary manages to sum up the meaning of banter rather well.

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