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You have a near bottomless well of endurance. Most Mewmans have some knowledge of other dimensions such as Earth, however, the Earth's customs tend to be completely alien to them. Author's Note Because this is a natural process that starts at a certain age, the trait will be explained assuming you're no older than 14 if you are younger than 14 through out your campaign ignore this trait, if you turn 14 during the campaign talk to the DM so they can incorporate the process starting, and you will start gaining this trait's features 1 level after you turned


Common Folk[ edit ] The common folk of Mewni live in poverty, but interestingly, they don't seem to hate it very much. You're from Mewni, and not just that, you're part of the lower class, there are few things that are weirder than you. In adulthood, Mewmans may transform back and forth between their normal and mewberty appearances, such as Queen Butterfly.



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  1. At first level, your wings aren't strong enough to fly, but they can slow your falls a bit, you don't take falling damage when falling from a height of 30 feet or less. Your Charisma increases by 2.

    Your natural magic makes you better at resisting magical control over you.

    Physical attributes Mewmans for the most part are indistinguishable from humans, but they have some unique characteristics that make them stand out, such as wings.

    They are usually part of Mewni's militia, or take part in diplomatic events.

    The form lasts for 1 minute. However, Star realizes that this war was most likely a genocidal campaign against the monsters who were relatively peaceful before the first Mewmans arrived.

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