Microexpressions book

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Through the use of case studies, Craig shows you how you can read the non-verbal behaviour of others in order to establish the truth in certain difficult situations. This is the only book helps you "read faces," and interpret their emotions, in an easy-to-read visual format.

Microexpressions book

Was that an invitation? Imagine that from the first moment of a conversation you can see which emotions a person feels. Learn how to read faces, interpret body language and avoid deception through this easy-to-read guide.

Microexpressions book

Microexpressions book

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  1. She loves to put theoretical knowledge into practice, running her own companies, training and advising on company strategy for 10 years.

    Your negotiations, meetings and interviews will become more effective, if you start to explore the knowledge of Micro Expressions. It presents a true scientist-practitioner model, blending cutting-edge behavioral science with real-world practical experience.

    Are you being lied to? These small facial muscle movements allow you to recognize seven basic emotions:

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