Milford sound geographical features

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Over millions of years, more and more sediment and the remains of tiny plants and animals fell to the sea bed, until it was so thick that the lower layers were compressed into solid rock by the weight of those above. A glacier can lift boulders the size of a house and carry them down to other areas. Sandstone and limestone are softer than volcanic rock, so these sediments were swept from the hilltops and are mainly found in sheltered pockets and valleys.

Milford sound geographical features

Earthquakes and the elements shook everything around a bit and eroded much of the later sediments. So how did a thick layer of sediment become a mountain range? In many cases, the water is actually deeper inside the mouths of the fiords than it is outside, because the ice piled up here, before melting when it was finally ejected into the water.

Milford sound geographical features

Milford sound geographical features

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  1. You can see several of these smaller hills at Knobs Flat. The translucent, jade-green rock they call pounamu is abundant around the Fiordland coast, which is one of only a few known pounamu sites in the country.

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