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The night starts with the beginner's class, which runs for an hour and teaches participants a simple but fun routine. Similar to the Nuroc Dance Company, Ceroc and Modern Jive dance lessons are split into a beginners' class and an intermediate class with social dance time after each class. All in all there are fourteen beginner routines to practice, with participants learning a new dance routine each week.

Modern jive sydney

Nicky established the Ceroc trademark in Australia, and started teaching with her dance partner Ray Mather, before co-founding Ceroc Pty Ltd in November with her then business partner Mark. For full explanations, qualification criteria and rules, see our Competitor Information page.

Modern jive sydney

Modern jive sydney

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  1. Between classes, dancers are given minutes of social dancing time where they can try out the new dance techniques they've learned or just have a bit of fun.

    Monday You should totally take the day off work to recover. Likewise West Coast Swing dancers, you will find that there will be more songs at the faster end of your scale, so the Modern Jivers are not excluded.

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