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A cross member jack unit is provided at one end of the beam 10 comprising a sliding shoe having a pair of spaced upper slides 21 and a pair of spaced lower slides 22 connected by a pair of braces A supporting and adjusting device comprising a beam, a hook and a pair of jack units all mounted on the beam, at least one of said jack units comprising a shoe slidable along the length of the beam, a spacer supported by said shoe, a screw shaft threaded through said spacer and positionable transversely to the beam, at pivoted plate at a free end of the screw shaft, and stop arms positioned on said free end of the screw shaft for limiting the pivotal movement of the plate, together with springs to maintain the plate normally in a position perpendicular to the screw shaft.


Their exchange involved a volley of e-mails, a nasty review on the web service and the eventual expulsion of the ex-employee who was upset because he could no longer get his burger fix. Phillipsand Daniel Berhel, both of Ave. Each week as we talk with some of Dallas' top chefs, they almost always point to Perkins' burger as their favorite, thanks to its high-quality ingredients and its homage to childhood patty memories.



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