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Measures The MSVT Green, is a brief automated verbal memory screening with several subtests designed to measure verbal memory and response consistency. After establishing the number of factors, extraction was again conducted via PFA as in Heyanka and colleagues, but was limited to 2 factors selected through an initial PCA analysis please see results below , and then an oblique rotation was chosen. The original intent was to closely follow the analysis of Heyanka and colleagues , but unfortunately Principle Axis Factoring PFA produced a Haywood case preventing initial extraction.


This factor structure largely supports the hypothesis that a memory and an effort factor would emerge. Unfortunately, data related to severity of mTBI e.



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  1. Using PCA yielded, five variables with Eigen values over 0. As such, one could argue a part-whole correlation issue when including the CNS subtests in the factor analysis.

    Afterward, a series of forced choice trails with varying degrees of difficulty are presented.

    Ten artist-drawn colored images representing an intuitive pair of items e. A Factor analytic approach to the validation of the Word Memory Test and Test of Memory Malingering as measures of effort and not memory.

    Despite this literature, there continues to be some dissention in the field, with a minority of research indicating that PVTs are unduly influenced by tester taker ability e. The average number of reported life-time concussions was 4.

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