Mustang 2 3 turbo swap

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Those with moderate lift. Its stock placement is terrible as it sits directly over the hot exhaust manifold. The stock radiator is adequate for the northern climates but will most likely be marginal in Texas and Arizona.

Mustang 2 3 turbo swap

All turbo motors came with a Modine plate style oil to water heat exchanger oil cooler. You can swap in a lower intake from an ''88 TC or drill and tap your existing manifold to accept the ACT sensor. Along with the computer you will need several turbo specific items 1.

Mustang 2 3 turbo swap

Mustang 2 3 turbo swap

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  1. It does however spool quickly though and could be considered a good choice for a moderate performance truck.

    A lph pump will only be needed if your going to exceed RWHP.

    Right in the middle of the dash lies a Tech Vapor all-in-one digital display with a long row of toggle switches underneath controlling the basics like lights and windshield wipers.

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