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We also wanted to increase email capture on the site. The results from this campaign, when the team switched ESPs and began focusing on relevancy, were:

Mvmt women

Aside from drip campaigns like the two above, the company decided to cadence segments and send to customers at least once a week, careful not to overcorrect exhausting the email channel with over sending. The team tried to weigh the outcome in their favor by making holiday messaging valuable with brand content.

Mvmt women

Mvmt women

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  1. In this case, email marketing. Audit your email program First of all, the team needed to go beyond the one or two emails a month they were sending previously.

    Being healthy and profitable meant focusing on marketing. The first arrives within 24 hours, the second, more informational send comes three days later, and the final send with a discount offer comes three days after that.

    The team also released a Cyber Monday send with email content that included a dynamic countdown clock to foster a sense of urgency. Audit your email program First of all, the team needed to go beyond the one or two emails a month they were sending previously.

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