N88 bus schedule

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Improvements include a more developed frequency network, restoration of former services, and express buses to Manhattan. Dollar bills are not accepted on any NICE fixed-route buses. Note the MTA logo is painted over.

N88 bus schedule

Veolia began operations January 1, In , Long Island Bus averaged over , weekday riders, many of which include customers connecting to other MTA services in the region. It handles both 40ft and 60ft articulated buses.

N88 bus schedule

N88 bus schedule

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  1. A more severe sets of cuts was passed in February, eliminating ten routes and reducing four more.

    Nassau Inter-County Express has two depots - one each for its fixed route and paratransit operations, as well as an additional depot that was closed in

    All buses, including Able-Ride vehicles, would be painted into a new paint scheme to reflect the change.

    The garage is named after the Mitchel Air Force Base that operated there from until Note the MTA logo is painted over.

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