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I quote from a report of inquiry made by the NPWS into the male person who authored the adverse statement. Concern that Jane will end up back at xxxx after the 6 month trialConcern that they may still have to deal with Jane - depending on where we place her. The filing tray was full of documents dating from six months prior.


My instructions are that went out in written form to all people in the subdistrict. After one month I was forcibly returned to my substantive workplace.



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  1. Bias in appointments in a bureaucracy wastes both the time and resources of other applicants for the vacant position. This would be unlikely to attract any applicant for the position unless they lived nearby.

    This may take many forms sometimes by having the investigator performing the bogus investigation, becoming the supervisor or the person in charge of performance appraisal. This was an exception to common practice with public sector recruitment.

    The letter dated 22 December also stated, "Your behaviour and attitude in the work place was not conducive to effective teamwork and there are concerns about your performance in the role as Sub District Administrative Officer. Please call me if you would like any additional information Regards IRM I wonder if this memo was meant to be as confidential as my personal e-mails, which were read by these officers intercepting the computer server.

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