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That's what irks me! In the Fresno study Vega et al.

Nude mature hispanic women

The National Comorbidity Study also found that Latinos used few mental health services, even though all those surveyed were fluent in English. Immigrants who had lived in the United States for at least 13 years had higher prevalence rates of disorders than those who had lived in the United States fewer than 13 years Vega et al. This failure is especially pronounced for immigrant Latinos, who make the least use of mental health services.

Nude mature hispanic women

Nude mature hispanic women

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  1. Among women, less than 2 percent of Hispanics will enter prison compared to less than 1 percent of white women Bureau of Justice Statistics,

    An inquiry about Mr.

    Since then, two English language versions have been standardized and published Wechsler, ,

    Puerto Rican and Mexican American children and adults may be at a higher risk than Cuban Americans for mental health problems, given their lower educational and economic resources.


    Mental Health Problems Symptoms The early epidemiological studies of Latinos examined the number of symptoms, not the number of mental disorders, reported by groups of Hispanic Americans, and in some cases compared them to the number of symptoms reported by white Americans. Some authors have interpreted these findings as suggesting that acculturation may lead to an increased risk of mental disorders e.

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