Open heart during spiritual sex

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Spiritual sex arises out of both partners' desire for union through uninhibited self expression. By accepting your natural sexual desires.

Open heart during spiritual sex

If you do not let doubt get in your way, you can actually change your everyday reality through the miracle of sexual love. As you surrender to your lover in devotion, you can worship both each other's divinity and each other's humanness.

Open heart during spiritual sex

Open heart during spiritual sex

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  1. You can picture anything, such as being deeply in love forever; or abundance flowing into your life; or the healing of a friend or relative; or finding relief for the hungry or homeless; or the whole world living in harmony.

    For more on Peter, click here. Do the lovers bow to each other, kiss one another's feet, and then sit in the yab-yum position cross-legged, one on the lap of the other?

    For another highly inspiring essay on spiritual sex, click here. Sexuality as a vehicle to spiritual growth Sexuality can be a vehicle into spirituality rather than an obstacle to it.

    Through our respect for each other, we feel a sense of reverence and awe for all human beings as gods and goddesses.

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