Oracle views updating data

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This happens when the view and the underlying table do not have the same owner. A view can be used to wrap up complex queries containing subqueries, outer joins, and aggregation.

Oracle views updating data

However, other types of indexes can be defined on views in SQL Server Views have never in the past been able to contain parameters; however, as shown later in the chapter, user-defined functions can now be used like views, effectively allowing you to create parameterized views that return different results depending on the parameter values that get passed in each time the function is run.

Oracle views updating data

Oracle views updating data

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  1. Views give you a mechanism for presenting the same data to different users in different ways. Then grant appropriate permissions on the views for the users and roles you want to be able to access the data.

    This happens when the view and the underlying table do not have the same owner. Unlike stored procedures which also support parameters , these parameterized functions can be updateable, as you'll see later in this chapter.

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