Partying college girls

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Definitely bring one or two friends along and keep them close. My two cents on this subject is to just avoid it all together. There are a lot of posts on things like studying, eating healthy, and dorm decor, but no talk of one of the biggest parts of the college experience:

Partying college girls

At least in my town, lots of kids bar hopped throughout downtown until the late hours of the evening. Dress for the theme if you want, but keep it casual and versatile if you plan to switch parties throughout the night.

Partying college girls

Partying college girls

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  1. This is common in college because drinking at bars can be expensive, and everyone wants a feel-good buzz before they actually get to the party, right?

    Always eat before going out.

    If you keep your wits about you, partying in college can be a great way to meet new people and have new experiences!

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