Physical intimacy problems

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If you're the one with the lower drive, recognize that there is a connection between physical and emotional intimacy, and that your partner's reasonable and respectful requests for sex are important to your bond as a loving, long-term couple. When children or pets are in your space you have less opportunity to cuddle, caress one another, or have some late night lovemaking. It bears mentioning that your attitude isn't the only thing that affects your ability to have an emotionally intimate relationship with your partner.

Physical intimacy problems

While hand-holding may not be the most fiery, exciting form of physical intimacy, it is certainly the most versatile. The problem is that the positive way a lover sees us often conflicts with the negative ways we view ourselves. Ideally, the first time you kiss your significant other, you should be so filled with longing that's hard not to do it.

Physical intimacy problems

Physical intimacy problems

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  1. If the man saw sex as more of a form of self-expression and less as an opportunity to perform a pre-determined role, he would probably enjoy it more.

    Women, in particular, are shown repeatedly through media, ads, and in adult movies that women are to be a certain size or shape in order to be found attractive.

    Body changes are inevitable in long-term relationships. Not body confident Physical intimacy issues may pop up due to a lack of confidence.


    This leads to a fear of intimacy.

    Some couples may have lived happily together for many years without any physical intimacy in marriage. Many people can be shy about expressing deep-held desires in the heat of the moment, in which case, talking about sex outside of the act itself is crucial for ensuring both partners are being satisfied.

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