Piercing shops in ogden utah

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This is because piercings heal from the outside in. We encourage creativity in our shop.

Piercing shops in ogden utah

As soon as you are ready, our artists are waiting for you. When you purchase jewelry at the shop you are welcome to install it yourself at home or have us do for you, free of charge. It is likely that your piercing may look and feel healed long before it actually is.

Piercing shops in ogden utah

Piercing shops in ogden utah

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  1. Be patient and wait the full amount of time your piercing recommends before "downsizing" your jewelry. This is to allow for any swelling that may and probably will occur during healing.

    It is advisable to continue cleaning your piercing and let us do any jewelry changes during that time yes, this includes earlobe piercings. Calm down, we said "reduce", not quit.

    As long as we have a picture or a clear image of the portrait you desire, we will be able to execute. We are extremely confident in our skills and no idea is too challenging for us.

    A relatively new piercing, the surface anchor is the most successful form of surface piercing we have seen.

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