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Scope the Ignition System if necessary; make sure it is firing even voltages, which should be about 8V to 10V for every cylinder. What are the symptoms of the P code?


Random misfires can be a sign of faulty or clogged fuel injectors that need to be replaced. How to check fuel injectors with a digital multimeter If the ignition system and fuel system checks out you may want to perform an engine compression test and leakdown test to see if there are any mechanical problems causing your misfire. The engine may lack some power during acceleration while the misfire is active.



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    Powertrain Misfire Vehicles may trigger this error code when badly warped and out-of-bound rear brake drums jerk the whole power train violently while the vehicle slows from highway speeds.

    When the pressure is below the specification, the engine does not receive the proper amount of fuel and will start to lean misfire.

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