Powderfinger singles

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The textures and undertones of The Day You Come were fresh for the band and the song was a surprise first single, while the off-kilter Don't Wanna Be Left Out was their most ferocious track to date. We firmly believe that it is our most complete and satisfying album and can't think of a better way to farewell our fans than with music that we all believe in and also with, hopefully, our best tour to date.

Powderfinger singles

The Best of Powderfinger, was received well by reviewers. The Sydney Morning Herald 's music critic Bernard Zuel approved of "a rawer, louder, but by no means unrefined, album" with "a real energy here that has some connections to early Powderfinger, but bears the mark of a superior intellect"; he felt it had Haug and Middleton "dominating in a way they had not since their debut" album.

Powderfinger singles

Powderfinger singles

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  1. The review highly recommended the album, and again stated that it was an excellent introduction to the band.


    The last song was "These Days"; the group disbanded after the tour.

    The album went straight to the Top Ten in September , sold double platinum, and spent half a year in the Top

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