Prince william dating flatmate

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William and Kate are confirmed to have split. By the time William flew out to Chile, he was very apprehensive. Far from home, with his brother in distress, William was clearly distraught — to the point where he considered asking for this to be held in account when he sat his exams the following month.

Prince william dating flatmate

With open countryside to walk in without fear of being spotted, and open fires at home, it provided the perfect sanctuary for the couple to explore their relationship further. The pair holiday in the Caribbean hideaway island Mustique.

Prince william dating flatmate

Prince william dating flatmate

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  1. They also shared all the household chores, including shopping for food — a novelty for the young Prince Finally, William was achieving his dream of — almost — blending in. Born To Be King:

    Kate persuades William to stay at university after he admits finding it difficult to settle.

    He later switches to a geography course.

    For months on end, she was followed by photographers day and night.

    Olivia Bleasdale - Also shared a flat at St.

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