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Sex-positive feminists argue that consensual BDSM activities are enjoyed by many women and validate these women's sexual inclinations. Some feminist groups began to concern themselves with prescribing what proper feminist sexuality should look like. Rather, they see sexual orientation and gender as social constructs that are heavily influenced by society.

Pro n sex

One of the earliest feminist arguments against this anti-pornography trend amongst feminists was Ellen Willis 's essay "Feminism, Moralism, and Pornography" first published in October in the Village Voice. China scholar Elaine Jeffreys observes that the 'anti-prostitute' position gained increased critical purchase during the establishment of the international movement for prostitutes in , demanding recognition of prostitutes' rights as an emancipation and labor issue rather than of criminality, immorality or disease.

Pro n sex

Pro n sex

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  1. Patrick Califia has written extensively about issues surrounding feminism and transgender issues, especially in Sex Changes: Furthermore, many argue that playing with power such as rape scenes through BDSM is a way of challenging and subverting that power, rather than reifying it.

    Note 2 Bell hooks argues that one problem with sexual liberation movements is that they focus on the right to engage in sexual activity, but often ignore the right to refuse to engage in sexual acts.

    Their main arguments are that certain sexual practices such as prostitution and pornography exploit women and have historically benefited men rather than women and that the indiscriminate promotion of all kinds of sexual practices merely contributes to female oppression. They embrace sexual minority groups, endorsing the value of coalition -building with marginalized groups.

    Dodson argues that the play promotes a negative view of sexuality, emphasizing sexual violence against women rather than the redemptive value of female sexuality. Furthermore, many argue that playing with power such as rape scenes through BDSM is a way of challenging and subverting that power, rather than reifying it.

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