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The role of the APC is to establish a system of performance review and evaluate individuals to determine whether they are eligible for appointment or renewal. The RCO retains the discretion to grant up to three 3 additional years as a Scientist.


Candidates that fail this review will be given a working extension term, not to exceed 1-year, that will allow them reasonable time to find alternative employment but will not be re-reviewed. Please provide a brief report not to exceed three 3 pages, single spaced describing your research progress during the last 5-years, your current projects, and your future plans.



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  1. Candidates will also have the option of submitting up to five 5 names of individuals who the candidate does not wish to be reviewed by, including collaborators. Their productivity must be well documented by publications in peer-reviewed journals, grants, invitations, awards, etc.


    Normally this will be reflected by a substantial time commitment to research, but will also be obvious from their research accomplishments and overall academic profile. All recommendations are brought to the Research Council on Oncology for final approval.

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