React force render

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An example of where this could be useful is when you have a file input field that you would like to reset after an image upload. This worked great, thanks for the article!

React force render

Set the key prop on your element via state and then when you want to update set state to have a new key. I also want to note that if you find yourself using forceUpdate you may want to review your code and see if there is another way to do things. Normally you should try to avoid all uses of forceUpdate and only read from this.

React force render

React force render

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  1. However, I'd like to propose the idea that even with deeply nested objects, forceUpdate is unnecessary.

    While the true answer to the OP's question would be forceUpdate I have found this solution helpful in different situations. Paul Totally wrong way to do this.

    That works better than trying to forceupdate the component.

    Even though UI elements get updated with the XHR response, the new store props are not being passed down to the external component.

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