Red sea crossing evidence chariot

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Found with a metal detector. However, if one is looking for news of an important scientific or historical discovery, World News Daily Report is not the place to look.

Red sea crossing evidence chariot

The distance between Nuweiba and where artifacts have been found on Saudi coast is about 18 km 11 miles. Richard Rives, the president of Wyatt Archeological Research in Tennessee, told journalist Joe Kovacs, "All kinds of people are finding coral and calling it chariot parts. Wyatt was a part-time Bible explorer who was in the area on some archeological research at the sites of Sodom and Gomorrah along side of the Dead Sea.

Red sea crossing evidence chariot

Red sea crossing evidence chariot

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  1. These wheels were typical of the wheels used in the 18th Dynasty at the time of Moses and the Red Sea Exodus. Is there any real proof that the Biblical account of the Exodus actually happened?


    What other evidence is there that an army was destroyed by water? Before them lay the Red Sea.

    Even with the sea dried up, walking across would be difficult due to the steep grade down the sides.

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