Revolution episodes

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He was responsible for brainwashing innocent people into members of the Patriots. Aaron and Miles rush to open the doors of the Tower as Monroe's men descend on them. It is later learned that the nanites helped power the device to keep Danny alive.

Revolution episodes

After Rachel and Miles sought him out for assistance, John captured them and turned them over to Randall for interrogation. Initially meant as a method of cheap green energy , the project's failure had the unintended outcome of suppressing all electronic activity within a given radius.

Revolution episodes

Revolution episodes

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  1. Aaron and Maggie decided to keep the pendant's existence a secret from the rest of the group, fearing Miles' reaction and complicating the pursuit of Danny's captors.

    Randall keeps her in captivity with other scientists fixing equipment at the Tower to further his pursuits. One week before the Blackout:

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