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When Alpinist was contacted recently to help spread the word of the recall, I felt relieved that it wasn't just me. I had used the Ropeman 3 as an alternative to jumars several times when trying to go light on long, single day routes that only involved a few pitches of aid.


He is the author of the popular instructional DVD Self-Rescue for Climbers and also the definitive text for mountain leaders: Quickly I determined that if I set the ridged cam of the device into the rope before weighting it, it held just fine, though it took a while for my nerves to release.



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  1. Contact Information - Please make sure you securely attach your name, UPS delivery address no PO Boxes , your email and telephone number to any unit returned. Once the cam has been properly located on the rope and the Ropeman 3 loaded without slippage the device will perform as expected.

    In this first video, Steve demonstrates how to ascend the rope using 2 Wild Country Ropemen devices.

    Following product modification future Ropeman 3 will have a stainless steel toothed cam.

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