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I can still love her completely. Secondly, it makes YOU look bad as a person to whomever you are commenting to.

Rory raye

Rory said, "My job is to love her, even when it's hard, or even when I don't agree or even if I don't understand, I still love her. And I think that was very understandable.

Rory raye

Rory raye

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  1. So if you are trying to change your relationship, one important piece of relationship advice that I can give you direct from Rori Raye is to quit the negative talk, and replace that talk with positive talk.


    Now, he's a single father again.


    Secondly, it makes YOU look bad as a person to whomever you are commenting to. And not only do they breed contempt — but they actually help you to create a negative view of your boyfriend or husband.

    Negative comments can erode the love and trust in a relationship over time. I got another shot at it!

    Being positive fills you with love and light, not darkness and anger like negativity does. Anthony Mason dropped in on him at home:

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