Scholarly articles on sex deviants

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Hindu scriptures advocate the control of the body, the mind and the senses in order to turn our attention inward and realize our divine nature. The appellant induced her not to say so to her mother as he will provide Rs. Vs State of Tamil Nadu, Appeal crl.

Scholarly articles on sex deviants

The physical body is a seat of impurities and those who are interested in salvation should be wary of it. Raja Ravi Varma faced a number of accusations from orthodox Hindus for his actions and was drawn to court to defend his actions.

Scholarly articles on sex deviants

Scholarly articles on sex deviants

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  1. However, if she engages in it as a duty with detachment, or as a service to God, she would not be held responsible for her actions. The conduct of the girl shows that in fact her modesty was not outraged.


    Even a female of tender age from her very birth possesses the modesty, which is the attribute of her sex.

    Some of the women served in the courts of kings as dancing girls, guards, spies, and courtesans.

    It has to be kept in mind an offence to the present nature, is not only an offence against the physical frame of another person but, in fact, it is an offence against dignity of another individual. To deal with them leniently would amount to a demonstration of misplaced sympathy.

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