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Loss of neurons in the substantia nigra causes Parkinson's disease , while loss of immune cells impairs the immune system. Junk outside cells might be removed by enhanced phagocytosis the normal process used by the immune system , and small drugs able to break chemical beta-bonds. Its activities include SENS-based research programs and public relations work for the acceptance of and interest in related research.

Sens aubrey de grey

Cells sometimes enter a state of resistance to signals sent, as part of a process called apoptosis , to instruct cells to destroy themselves. Cell loss and atrophy—RepleniSENS[ edit ] Some of the cells in our bodies cannot be replaced, or can be only replaced very slowly—more slowly than they die. This means that more people in the United States will have AD by than the entire current population of the Netherlands.

Sens aubrey de grey

Sens aubrey de grey

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