Sex offender list for new hampshire

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The court may grant the petition if the offender has not been convicted of any felony, class A misdemeanor, sex offense, or offense against a child, has successfully completed any periods of supervised release, probation, or parole, and has successfully completed an appropriate sex offender treatment program as determined by the court. Where such information is available, the public list may also include: The division shall maintain a separate public list of all tier I, tier II, and tier III offenders who are required to register as a result of an offense against a child, any offenders about whom the division receives notice pursuant to RSA B:

Sex offender list for new hampshire

Such photographs may be used in the performance of any valid law enforcement function. Address of any permanent residence and address of any temporary residence, within the state or out-of-state. Subparagraph a shall not apply to contact between a sexual offender or an offender against children and a victim where there is an ongoing relationship between the victim and the offender that existed prior to the commission of the offense and that necessitates contact between them, such as the shared custody of a child or an emergency involving a shared sibling or parent, provided that any contact by the offender shall be strictly limited to the immediate issue that needs to be communicated Source.

Sex offender list for new hampshire

Sex offender list for new hampshire

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