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A dearth of sex is dangerous in any relationship, is it leads to lack of intimacy and a widening fissure between partners. As men, to some extent, we internally define ourselves by aspects of our sexuality—our virility, desirability, and performance all factored into our assessment of who we are as men.

Sexual mojo

This happens more than you can imagine, and as covered in a piece in a New York Times blog , psychologists see over and over that when sex stops in a relationship, the couple begins to struggle with lessening intimacy—and the longer that relationship goes without sex, the harder it is to reclaim intimacy. Put another way, from the perspective of evolutionary psychology, your manhood and your, um, manhood are indelibly tied together.

Sexual mojo

Sexual mojo

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  1. Only when we addressed lifestyle habits could we reset her hormones, energy levels and libido.

    Tantric sex classes or a couples massage course may also help to rekindle the desire.

    This can change, however.

    These subjects also discussed the feelings of shame and guilt associated with low sex drive—shame for not wanting sex, guilt for the way it made their partners feel. Also, activities such as back rubs, foot rubs or date nights can be slowly introduced to further intimacy.

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